Career Center

The League’s Career Center administers a broad array of employment programs and activities to connect employers with community residents seeking jobs. The Center provides training, job referral, resume preparation and work readiness workshops. These services are provided one-on-one or to small groups. Over 200 people are assisted.

The League hosts or sponsors dedicated job fairs with the D.C. Department of Employment Services and other community-based organizations and businesses to recruit a target population for the specific sponsoring business. In addition, the League sponsors general job fairs so various businesses, organizations or government agencies can exhibit and recruit community residents.

Clark Construction 

GWUL is engage in a year-long partnership with Clark Construction company to recruit and refer community residents interested in working on the Silver Line Metro Rail Line. Through this program, people are recruited, and referred to Clark Construction for employment consideration. GWUL also conducts an orientation session for potential referrals. 


GWUL is also engaged in a year-long partnership with ILUNA to refer interested construction applidants to them for an introduction to the union.