HPAP Application Checklist

Your housing counselor will request the following documentation as part of your HPAP application:

  1. Signed application
  2. Two most recent pay stubs for all applicants (ALL JOBS)
  3. Last 30 days bank statements for ALL ACCOUNTS
  4. Most recent 2-Years federal tax returns for all adults
  5. Most recent 2-Years W-2fs for all adults
  6. Most recent 2-Years District tax returns for all adults
  7. Credit report not older than 90 days/Request for credit report
  8. Signed Rental Verification Form
  9. DC lease
  10. Statement of Authenticity of All Tax Returns
  11. Supplemental Income award letters (IF APPLICABLE)
  12. Copy of driver's license or identification card for all applicants
  13. Divorce decree, 3 child support pay stubs and court order (IF APPLICABLE)
  14. Notarized gift letter and two bank statements for donor (IF APPLICABLE)
  15. If Self-Employed, 3-years federal tax returns, YTD Profit and Loss Statement
  16. First Right Notice from landlord (IF APPLICABLE)
  17. Letter explaining employment gaps (IF APPLICABLE)
  18. Birth certificates for all dependents (IF APPLICABLE)
  19. Written explanation of any credit problems (IF APPLICABLE)
  20. Ratified Sales Contract (IF APPLICABLE)
  21. Signed Authorization to Release Information to Non-Profit Developers
  22. Signed Authorization to Release Information for Applicants