Category: Special Services

The major thrust of the League's current educational programs are the provision of parent education and training services, tutorial assistance and experiential education (service learning, community service, internships and school-to-work) exposure.


Forty-five young people are continuing to complete the program components of the League’s Young Scholars Program. Through this program, 35 youth age 15 and 16 and 10 children age eight and nine are being prepared to attend college upon high school graduation. Read more »

Experiential Education/Training

Experiential learning is as valuable to the growth and development of a young person as is an academic education. The League's Community Resources Division provides a broad array of experiential opportunities to young people. These include in-agency internship placement, out-of-agency internship placement, hands-on experiential workshops, and field trip learning opportunities. Read more »

Community Resources

Through the Greater Washington Urban League's (league) Community Resources Division, a variety of activities, programs, and initiatives are administered. The goal of the division is to reach out to the broader community to support the services of GWUL designed to enhance the quility of life of the residents of the service area of the League. Read more »

Career Center

The League’s Career Center administers a broad array of employment programs and activities to connect employers with community residents seeking jobs. The Center provides training, job referral, resume preparation and work readiness workshops. These services are provided one-on-one or to small groups. Over 200 people are assisted. Read more »