The Minimum SNAP Benefit In D.C. Has Been Increased

Mar 7, 2016

The minimum SNAP benefit in D.C. has been increased from $16 to $30 a month. The D.C. Department of Human Services (DHS) retroactively implemented the SNAP Expansion Act of 2014, which increased the minimum monthly SNAP benefit from $16 to $30 using local funding. This increase will benefit more than 12,000 households in all eight wards.

Clients who received less than $30 a month in SNAP benefits from 10/1/14 through 9/30/15 should have received a one-time retroactive supplement to bring them to $30 a month for each applicable month in fiscal year 2015. Moving forward, DHS will issue extra benefits every three months to bring the minimum benefit up to $30 a month until it is able to increase the benefits in regular monthly issuance. (Households who are repaying an overpayment are not eligible for the increase.)

This increase in SNAP benefits is among the first in the nation of its kind. It will help many low-income households in D.C., including many seniors, purchase the nutritious foods they need. It will also have an important economic benefit in the District.  

Call ESA Customer Service at 202-724-5506 with questions about the extra benefits. If you are interested in applying for SNAP, contact D.C. Hunger Solutions at 202-640-1088 or