Volunteer Program Overview: 

The Volunteer role is for individuals that would like to be engaged to participate in various Census events throughout the District of Columbia on behalf of the Greater Washington Urban League. Volunteers will table outreach events and expos as a GWUL Census Center volunteer.

Ambassador Program Overview: 

The Ambassador role is for leaders of community-based organizations that will be trained by the GWUL Census Center to conduct their own Census awareness events and outreach efforts. After completion of the GWUL Ambassador Training, the organization leader(s) will be recognized as an official GWUL Census Ambassador

The Census Center strives inspire and engage the community through the Ambassador and Volunteer Program, in which residents will undergo a training process where they will learn the history and process of the Census. Additional points of emphasis during training will include: 

  • The training of leaders from 50 plus community-based organizations on engagement and District-wide canvassing.

  • The recruitment of 120+ volunteers or designated Ambassadors to deliver information to drive the awareness in neighborhoods, at major events, and at community institutions and other local venues

  • The planning of major community rallies and mass mobilization efforts that encourages all-in participation from all residents. 

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