From Our President

My moral compass has come full circle because this is a homecoming. I am a native Washingtonian and my Urban League career began under the umbrella of the Washington Urban League (now Greater Washington Urban League). So this is the exhilaration of a new beginning and the celebration of reconnecting with my roots.

And yes, while new to the helm of the Greater Washington Urban League, I am not new to the role of servant leader and not new to helping shape the social service landscape.

Using Maudine Cooper's metaphor of "passing the reins," I am humbled and honored to accept the reins of leadership. Maudine is revered throughout the Urban League Movement as an exceptional leader.  Her legacy of courage has been a catalyst in guiding our path.  To her credit, she has planted seeds that will grow in the spring.

This is a make or break moment. As a seasoned Urban League executive, I recognize and embrace the unique challenges ahead. My tenure will be defined by continuing to secure the tools and resources needed to perform the important mission of the Greater Washington Urban League. That is why I will work hard in making the case for those resources and to translate our vision into real results.

This is the vision that will inspire the work we pursue at the Greater Washington Urban League. This vision may be old in years but it is young in its meaning as a game changer to strengthen our resolve and to build our capacity.

So I welcome our friends and community partners -- not as spectators, but as equal partners. I look forward to dialoguing with you about how we are perfecting our brand, engaging impact buyers in vision matching and implementing our programmatic thrust.

I hope you will join forces with us in being part of the rhythm and a connection to something bigger.  Today is just the beginning of a partnership that will only grow. 

George H. Lambert, Jr.

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