GWUL Impact Report 2015

GWUL 2015 Impact Report

For the past 78 years, the Greater Washington Urban League has stood on society’s frontlines, as well as in the trenches serving as a safety net and facilitator for District of Columbia-area residents, whether in advocacy, housing, employment, emergency assistance, entrepreneurship or education. We’re the community’s first responders, the safe port in a storm, putting families first, catering to the needs of children and the elderly, 8 to 80.

We are unique. No organization in this region reaches as deeply or has as wide a footprint as we do across a range of local and regional issues and landscapes. We have not and could not do this alone. Our success is directly tied to the generous and unerring support of our donors, corporate, governmental and other partners, volunteers, staff and members. With their assistance and input, the Greater Washington Urban League is able to continue its vital mission and assumed responsibility of ensuring that vulnerable families are strengthened and their foundations secure.

Our organization remains a powerful voice issuing a clarion call for fairness, equality and justice in a community and society where all of us must remain vigilant against the erosion of our civil and human rights. We provide a pathway to the American Dream through homeownership, independence and self-sufficiency. Our job is to facilitate people’s journey along a continuum of wealth and wellness using the tools of education, financial assistance, counseling, advocacy and a rich palette of other programs.

We offer educational opportunities to young and old by meeting them where they are, helping close academic and achievement gaps while exposing them to new vistas and challenges and guiding them as they plot a path to success. We are committed to being and making a difference at a time when individuals and families are buffeted by the fierce winds of recession, a rapidly changing job landscape and economic forces that have challenged families in ways that we haven’t seen in a generation, eating away at people’s ability to live a secure life with a decent salary, shelter and food.

 We are proud to still be standing strong and we are in awe of the thousands of lives and families we have touched.

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